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Privacy Policy

We are very concerned about your privacy. All information about you we use is based on the privacy policy listed below. This privacy policy tells you how we get information about you, how we use that information, and how information about you shut down by us, how do you control your information and protect your information.

1. Scope
This privacy policy applies only to http://www.threelas.com site ("this site"). It means privacy policy does not apply to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies from other sites.

2. Information We Collect

We collect basic information about you, such as name and email. This information we obtained from login facebook, and Disqus. Complete informations we collect are:
  • Real name, email, mobile number, personal site (if any), location. When you make contact with us, we will collect some information about you before sending a message.
  • All the information published through the social services on this site. When you make social contact through facebook, so we use user_checkin, email, publish_action permission. For more details about the facebook permission, please visit facebook. We also use social services from disqus.com, we will use any information about you that we got from Disqus.
  • We also use the Feedburner service, according to the procedure of feedburner, feedburner will ask for your email. And we get your email from feedburner service.
3. How We Use Your Information

We will not share your information without your permission. We will use your email address to send updates of posting threelas to you (subscribe via feedburner). We should use information about you through the permission of facebook for social interaction throughout this site. For those of you who want to advertise, your information must be filled through our contacts. Your information is then used by us to analyze about you.

4. Safety and Comfort

We are committed to building this site, therefore we are maintaining the safety and convenience of users of this site. Therefore, all your data is guaranteed to be 100% safe. In addition, we are maintaining the convenience between users of this site. We'll enter you into our black list if you are not polite or violates our works. Please read more about Term of Services. You can also do deactive the account settings via facebook, Disqus setting, or via your e-mail dashboard.

5. User under 13 Years

We do not know anyone of users who are aged 13 years and under. However, if we know our users are under 13 years, we will remove it.

6. Update Privacy Policy
We will continue to make improvements in our privacy policy. We will provide information about the date of update and repair parts or privacy policy through this page.