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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Make A Good Post That Support With Google Panda

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One of the strengths of a site is a good post. Sites that have postings beneficial to anyone certainly will continue to grow. Since Google released the latest update of Google Panda, many people are trying to give friendly presentation content with Google Panda. As a result, it makes their sites affected by this update. What exactly is wrong? We made some personal observations on sites with high PageRank survivors of this update, be safe from Google Panda is not too difficult. Below, we present a tutorial how to make a good post so Google understand that your post is very important.

Perhaps you wonder why "WHO You ARE" be the key to success of a post. Make sure you are the one who understand the issues you create. There are so many people who intentionally provide such guidance to others, but they do not understand well. As a result, the contents of the post will not be systematic. Naturally the reader will be confused with what you describe. Try to learn a topic before posting. For example, http://www.threelas.com also provides tutorials for the Blogger API. Tutorials given are genuine works of threelas. There are so many tutorials for Blogger API from threelas is important references in forums like StackOverFlow.

Later on, there were a number of visitors who routinely studied at Threelas trying to do similar things about the Blogger API. As a result, Google still makes threelas as one of the best in its search engine. Because, one post with another posts has correlation links in threelas.

Google is tried to understand content of posts and compare with other similar sites including the date of publication.

A great suggestion for those of you who learn a topic from another site, do not try to make a similar tutorial, do different things, for example, you make a tutorial about the application of the topics you have learned from these sites.

B. Do not rush to post, DO YOUR RESEARCH

Often times a site, especially the blog always updated daily routine. Wish Google raise the ranking of the site. Indeed, Google stated that a good website should always update. However, that does not mean every day. In general, a blog managed by one or two people (not all). Getting updates every day tends to produce posts that are not weighted, because hasty and not based on research data. So that the reader can assess your postings are not weighty and just be a waste of time. It must be understood, the sites that have high PageRank and are always updates every day is always managed by a group of people. So, it is natural that online news site can update every day. Do the research before publishing a post will help you produce valuable content.

Doing research is to compare the strength of one of the contents of your competitors posts. There is no harm if you learn the weaknesses of your competitors posts. Naturally, people will be able to assess the strength of the content of your post. However, the most popular posts is unique, not similar.


After you have done the research, the next step is to make systematic posts. A good post must have three main parts to the article. The first part is an introduction, the second part is the content, and the third part is the conclusion.

The first section explains why this article was created. The number of paragraphs that were made in the first part depends on your mastery of the topic being discussed. In general, the first section displays the data that you have done research before posting published. Typically, the first section will be closed with the link "Read More". Thus, the second and third are not displayed on the homepage. But it is shown in the posting page. You have to be careful in the first, because if your visitors do not like this part, so do not expect your visitor to read more your article.

The second section is the key of topic. This section usually contains the actual tutorial, the content of the news headlines, and others. What is clear is the second section describes the purpose of the first section. The second section shall have paragraphs with higher numbers than the first section. Chronology is the key for your post to be read to completion by visitors. Means that, a lot of visitors will soon be gone from posting content that is discussed when not appropriate, this condition is referred to as bounce in the webmaster.

The third section is the conclusion of the second section. The number of paragraphs that are made in third section is not as much as the second section. The conclusion of a post should be easy to understand and make sense. So that your visitors understand the root causes of the post topic in more depth.


Make sure that the posts that you make does not contains paragraph that contains many sentences. Make as many paragraphs is better than making a lot of sentences in the paragraph. Each paragraph contains main idea that lies at the beginning and or at the end of the paragraph. While the other sentences in the paragraph role as explanatory of the main idea. Make sure you make the rules of this paragraph. In this way can avoid the excessive use of keywords.

Each main idea of the paragraph is a description of the main topic of a post. Don’t ever think about the use of keywords in order to win in the search engines. Make the explanation of which is intended for humans, do not ever think to a search engine. In this way, the content of your post is very attractive. There are so many blogs that often make posts just for the search engines. As a result, their blogs is affected by Google Panda update.


Good post should be clear, visitors can distinguish between titles, subtitles, captions, code, sample sentences, excerpts. If you have subtitles, use the heading is very good. Striking differences between the shape of the letter caption, code, sample sentences, excerpts can improve comfort in reading for your visitors.

If your post describes something that not have been written in detail, it is better to give the video. In general, this condition often occurs in a post that gives specific tutorials. Sites that have videos are more attractive to the visitors.


There are so many bloggers making a post starts with determining the title. Consequently, the bloggers is trying to make the keywords present in the post title. Thus, the content of your post are no longer reserved for human, but for the search engines. Automatic, Google Panda will act downgraded that blog. First, determine the topic of the post, then finish posting. Prior to publication, specify the title. When you want to specify a title, you can check the number of words that can be used as keywords for post titles. However, it should be kept reserved for humans. Need to be reminded again, that is the main idea in each paragraph is an explanation of the title.

Hopefully this tutorial is useful for you to make a post, so that your ranking is not affected by the Google Panda update. For further reading, we recommend to read the article http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2011/05/more-guidance-on-building-high-quality.html, http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2012/03/five-common-seo-mistakes-and-six-good.html, http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2008/10/good-times-with-inbound-links.html.

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