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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


social bookmarks
Social bookmarks are suggested in SEO. Like we have known before, one destination of SEO is result many visitors and decrease bounce. Social bookmarks have proved result many visitors. But, social bookmarks are increasing bounce as well.

Rely on blog traffic from search engine only just waste the time. Need extra fighting to get visitors blow up in short time if rely on search engines only. Because of that, many peoples in the world using social bookmarks services to increase their blog traffic. And visitors are quicker to remember about one blog via social bookmark than search engines. This is side effect of social interaction. So it is not surprise, if there is no gap between search engines with social interaction.

When visitors are come to social bookmark services such as google+, facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, technorati, delicious, digg, reddit, chime, newsvine, and others, then visitors will see lists of posts from several sites. If someone is interest with one of those posts then they will come to that post.

Automatically, link of those posts will redirect to the site source. But, after their read that post, visitors will find other posts on social bookmark network. Communication between author and visitors are more happen on social bookmark. Meaning, visitors are soon leave your posts to find another posts or give comment of your posts on social bookmark network. This pattern is always happening one of them is digg and stumbleupon.

This fact has showed that social bookmark trend to result many bounce and exit page. If we use google analytics then this pattern will see clear.

Need more several times for someone want come to your site via social network then surfing on your blog. This happen if your blog is very useful for visitors. Anticipate for bounce and exit page then become more important.

Using important widgets as your tools to “push” visitors surf on your blog. Another impact of social bookmarks is the process from referral to become direct. Need several times of posts for someone come directly to your blog than via social network. If visitor’s pattern is change from referral to direct, then at that time visitors need the tools to bring them to social network, for share your post. In this condition, social bookmark widget becomes more important. Meaning, you must able to make a good post as hard as possible.