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Monday, August 29, 2011

Unbalanced Match Between MU and Arsenal

MU win 8-2 over Arsenal
MU win (manutd.com)
This is a game that is not balanced. Arsenal are really in the worst periods. From left his best players, Fabregas and Nasri, Arsenal's like to lose its fangs. Although Manchester United claimed the victory 8-2 over Arsenal, not because of the lack Arsenal's best players, but the fact that there can not be denied.

Arsenal actually have a golden opportunity, which is a gift penalty. However, this gift can not be well resolved by Robin Van Persie in the first half. On the other hand Rooney scored three goals in minute 42, 64, and a penalty on 82 minutes. And this is a hat trick for Rooney. The next goal was created by Welbeck (22), Ashley Young (28 and 90), Nani (67), and Ji Sung (70).

Arsene Wenger is in a precarious position, Premier League matches this really threaten his career as a football coach. Arsenal, who only contributed two goals by Walcott (first-half injury time) and Robin Van Persie (74) does look increasingly weaker in the second half. Automatically is the game that unbalanced. A game that is not attractive, there is only pity at Arsenal.

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