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Monday, August 29, 2011

Explore HTML List

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The function of the HTML list is listed a number of specific topics. Because sometimes users prefer to use the list to view a topic. The main usefulness is most often done using HTML lists of people in is to make the navigation menu. While this is we know there are three types of lists that you can use the unordered list (used to group a set of related items, in no particular order), an ordered list (used to group a set of related items, in a specific order), description list (used to display name / value pairs as terms and Their Such definitions, or times and events).

Unordered list

This list is used Pls a set of items can be placed in any order. Tag for this list begins with <ul> and closed with </ ul>. And each list item begins and ends with the tag <li> </ li>. <li> Tag must be embedded in the tag <ul>.

Ordered list

The main difference from the ordered list with an unordered list is a way of displaying the item list. In an ordered list, each item is registered with the figures. As with the unordered list, each list item should be embedded in tags <ul>, beginning with the tag <li>, and ends with the tag </ li>.

Description list

If you want to make a recipe, a list of winners, author an article, you can do with the description list. Note on HTML 4, the description lists known by the name definition list. Desceription <dl> list begins with the tag and end with </ dl>, wrap <dt> group </ dt> (name) and <dd> </ dd> (value) tag. You have to pair at least one <dt> </ dt> with at least one <dd> </ dd>, an <dt> </ dt> should always come first in the sequence source.


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For more information about html list please visit html list from w3c.

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