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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Atomic Clock From England More Accurate In The World Now

atomic clock
NPL-CsF2 (npl.co.uk)
England through the NPL has announced that his cesium fountain clock is the most accurate in the world. Accuracy can take up long term. Hours named NPL-CsF2 is the result of cooperation with the Pennsylvania State University, USA. Measurements carried out by the time they are using physical measurements and mathematical models to date.

The purpose of the cesium fountain clock is as an international standard unit of seconds. Used in communications, navigation satellite, the time stamp of the world's financial transactions. In addition, the usefulness of this clock is a standard optical transition frequency.

one of result from NPL-CsF2
(metrologia 48 (2011) 283-289)
NPL stated that the methods they use in developing-CsF2 NPL can be used by other countries, so that the accuracy of the time in the world can be maintained properly. Krzysztof Szymaniec stated that "Together with other improvements of the cesium fountain, these models and numerical Calculations have improved the accuracy of the UK's cesium fountain clock, NPL-CsF2, by reducing the uncertainty to 2.3 × 10-16 - the lowest value for any national primary standard so far. "

You can access the related reports by the journal Metrologia, or can directly download the journal NPL-CsF2 here.

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