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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Three Ways Inserting CSS

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In writing the CSS syntax, there are three ways to offer. However, for the bloggers there are only two possible ways. These three ways are, External Style Sheet, Internal Style Sheets, Inline Styles. While the way of the External Style Sheet can not be done by users who have not used blogger webhosting. Because this way is used for a website with many pages. How to Use External Style Sheet is the first time you have to create a css file without containing a single html tag and the file should be saved with .css extension. Look at the following example

Then each page must be linked by using <link> tag. See the following example

For those of you blogger users, this is the way that allowed the Internal Style Sheet. Define first .css syntax that you created in the head. This method is most widely used by bloggers in making a widget. Look at the following example

The third way can also be used by bloggers, but this way is less efficient. Because you have to write one after the css code for each element html. Look at the following example

However, there is no harm if you use this. For in certain circumstances a third way is quite adequate.

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