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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Basic Knowing C++

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Well, the content of this one is about c + + tutorial, where you will learn about C + + from the beginning. We publish this content because the content of a Game 2D are using c + + programming language. So we feel the need to add this content.

We use c + + language because this language contains the principles of object-oriented programming (OOP). The point in resolving the problem, at first c + + classes to explain that a class of children who previously created, as the abstraction from physical objects, the class contains the state of the object, its members and the ability of their objective. After a few classes created and then solved the problem with Class.

While there are languages ​​other than C + + programming embracing OOP systems (such as Matlab, javascript), but its primacy is not with the program being used. But the logic of the program were implemented.

That's why we do this tutorial is gradually to be easily understood. However, we do not understand very much. If you want to give suggestions and constructive criticism, we would be very grateful.

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