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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Several Syntax For Writing Post

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When typing a post, there are some processes that are often used. That paragraph, line break, italic. In the html can be done, the following are the syntax's

Type Example
Paragraph <p>This is an example of paragraph</p>
Line Break This an example <br />of line break
Bold <b>This is an example of Bold</b>
Italic <i>This is an example of Italic</i>

The use of paragraphs, line breaks, and italic, unlike in the heading which can affect the way search engines read. However, these presence is enough to make the reader understand the meaning and importance of the words you use. The more regular arrangement of the paragraph you use the more easily readable by the user and the more credible your own site. Here is an example

Please try the software that we've suggested or you can do it directly through the tryit editor. Actually for the user's blog or Joomla (or similar) you no longer need to bother to write the syntax above. Because control panels are available.

You can try it directly via:

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