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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some Important Rules When Blogging

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Often we do blogging. However, of the rules of blogging there is a simple but very important. Interestingly not everyone do it. If you do then it will help your blog to be friendly with search engines.

The first is the use of images. When we give a picture to a post you should give the attribute "alt" on images. This can be done through the Edit HTML from your post. After the tag "<img" you add behind alt = "your image description".

Not all internet service can load a page quickly. So some images will not load, but with the alt attribute, then at least the user knows the purpose of your image. Although your image does not appear. In addition, search engines like google can not crawl images. To be able to crawl image, the alt attribute is very helpful to help the search engines.

The second rule is quite important is the use of headings, search engines like Google to crawl a number of words, especially coming from a heading attribute. There are six headings, ranging from <h1> to <h6>. <h1> Heading element is most important. So not only the user knows the importance of a word in your post, but also the search engines.

The third is when you have to quote a word or even post videos from youtube. You should make sure the copyright of the post or video. If you violate the rights of a person, not impossible that you will be subject to punishment. Especially if you are a publisher of google adsense. Google adsense very concerned about human rights. So if your blog is theft, you should immediately clean.

Thus a number of simple but important rules that can help your blog to be healthy. May be useful.

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