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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Skype In The Facebook Account Now

skype facebook account
Wow, this is news to you warm from skype facebook users. As what we have previously screened in the Facebook Video Chat Still Under Development, Skype is now officially announced that Skype Support Network Now Available on Facebook. Facebook users can now follow the development of Skype through your facebook account. Especially waiting for the opportunity the use of video calling.

As we have heard lately, that facebook is trying to defend his position from google through the provision of new services plus video calling. With this service you can chat face to face. You can ask the to the experts on Skype, on a lot of things about Skype and Facebook. Looking for the Skype community to another, and much more.

Indeed, until today, the Skype service for video calling of facebook in Indonesia is still not available. However, the seriousness of facebook to provide such services will come true soon. And the holy war between the two social networking will be more exciting.

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