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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The people of Indonesia Furious With House of Representatives In Social Networking

KPK facebook
KPK Facebook
It seems the people of Indonesia began furiously with all the games in Indonesia's political stage. All that is triggered by a sentence like the children of the leaders of the wet seat DPR RI (House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia). As is known, since Soeharto fell, Indonesia still have to wash the dishes. Many perpetrators of corruption and corrupt nature of Soeharto era who is still passing. To that end, through the reform era Indonesia is trying to cut out corruption. The Indonesian government finally attempted to establish an institution that can be trusted to capture the perpetrators of corruption. The agency named the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission).

marzuki alie leader of house of representative
Marzuki Alie (vivanews.com)
Its establishment, the KPK is really showing its fangs. A number of high state officials depleted castrated. Starting from the businessman, member of parliament, until the police always be the butt of the KPK. The most intense is the dispute between the Police Commission, later known as the Lizard and Crocodile battle.

Rumor is that a number of names of the top leaders of this country that would be fine KPK. We do not know for sure, but a clear attempt to remove the KPK has been planned many years earlier. We note, removal of the KPK's efforts began to be felt when the charge of murder committed by Antasari Azhar.

facebook support KPK
Support KPK Facebook
After that, the attempt to remove the Commission increasingly palpable. The latest is a sentence of Marzuki Ali, leader of DPR. He said the KPK would dissolve if the reason is no good stewardship on the KPK. This is strange, Indonesia's population of more than 200 million people. There must be the best person capable of leading the KPK. Not only that, Marzuki also like to forgive the corrupt and restore the state money. It's also strange, corruption is a form of troublesome people, and troubled people must be punished. Not only restored the state's money. Clearly, Marzuki has another intention behind the sentence.

Former vice president, Yusuf Kalla said the efforts to dissolving KPK is danger. For the KPK was established to combat corruption, if corruption is still rampant then the KPK should still be alive. Not only that, angry people of Indonesia also began to appear, through social networking facebook, united the people of Indonesia to maintain stewardship of the KPK and agreed when the KPK replaced with better ones.

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