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Monday, August 1, 2011

Widget For Ramadhan

Ramadhan (islamicoccasions.com)
Hi all my friends, this time we met to discuss the topic widget. Previously we congratulate fasting for Muslims around the world. Surely you do not want to forget to pray when you're surfing the internet. So this time we will discuss some of the widgets important for you Muslims. This widget associated with the activities you engage in worship.

Sometimes, the amount of activity can make forget about the schedule days of fasting. Surely you do not want that to happen. Therefore we offer the first widget is a widget from mycountdown.org about Ramadan. This widget is the widget calendar month of Ramadan. So you know the date of the month of Ramadan this time.

We also often get someone who does not know the times of prayer. Thus, the second widget is a widget that we offer Prayer Times. For those of you blogger users you can easily access it via the Add a Gadget facility. Then search on the search engines of the Add a Gadget about Prayer Times. Then you save it, finished. Time, the country can be set there.

However, for those of you not a blogger user, you can get it from google widgets for a website with the address http://www.google.com/ig/directory?synd=open, then in the search engine type Prayer Times.

The third widget is a widget read the Quran from ReadTheQuran.org or you can get it directly from the widget google for the website.