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Monday, August 8, 2011

MU Dramatic Win Against Man City

celebration MU win with Man City
MU win with Man City (manutd.com)
After the first round was defeated by Manchester City, the Red Devils managed to turn things around in the second half by putting three goals against Man City.

In the first half, Manchester United is actually playing pretty well. Bait ball by the United players well done. The process of attack against Man City are also common. However, these opportunities failed to produce a goal. Wayne Rooney had got a moment to give a single goal, but his shot was too bad. Another thing with Man City, when the attack occurred against Manchester United, Man City really take advantage of these opportunities. Starting from the offense, so get a free kick in front of Chelsea's goal, first goal ensued.

Free kick by James Milner was successfully completed by the head of Joleon Lescott. Goal in the 37th minute ensued, only 8 minutes later than the first goal, again Man City managed to produce a goal-kick for the second time by Edin Dzeko. In these circumstances, to be honest defense back line MU completely empty. That is why Man City won the first round 2-0 over Manchester United.

In the second half, Manchester United managed to produce a goal at minute 52 by the player newcomers this season, Ashley Young. Nani, on the 60th minute managed to produce a second goal after a beautiful collaboration between Nani, Rooney, and Cleverley. In the 90th minute injury time, Nani again managed to capitalize on the error back line of Man City. So Manchester United winning 3-2 with of Man City.

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