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Monday, August 8, 2011

Using Links and Images

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When we're writing post, we often connect a page to another page or on the page itself. Sometimes we have encountered an image which when clicked then the picture will display other pages. We can do that easily. 


The href is the attribute of the element <a>, previously we have discussed some of the attributes for the html element. With the href we can embed a website address. So that we can provide a link on a page to another page. But in practice, google, yahoo, and others wanted a site does not provide links to other sites and leave your site. Therefore, it is better if you add the target attribute with a value of "new" or "_blank". So that the page link will open in a new window.

And if you want to link in a same page, you must using "name" or "id" attribut on others element.


No need to doubt, the presence of an image is indispensable in a site. In psychology, a person more interested in reading a post when spiked by the image. However, there are things to consider when planting a picture, which is giving the attribute "alt" to its own obligations. Not because the rules of syntax, but because the rules of search engines. We have discussed this on the post Some Important Rules When Blogging

Image As a Link

This method is often used by the designers of the site to attract users to a specific page. They use an image as a link. So that when users click on the image will display a new page.