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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Black Hole Of Blog And It Solution

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Hello friends we meet again. Now, I want to share about strategy traffic in blog. I think this is very useful to know. Every body always need more information every days. And blog is one of the most source for peoples. We see that and we must be able to use that condition for increase our blog. That’s why we must have strategy.

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Look at picture above. In a blog contains all posts, and all posts contains two parts. They are Old posts and New posts. Naturally, every new post will go to be an old post. And that’s why we must quick to promote those (speaker picture meaning promote, and grey color meaning it must go to old post). Many ways to promote new post, you can using widget of recent post to doing that or you can using bookmarks. Please read our post about bookmarks recommended for you. That post tell every thing about bookmarks.

Old posts naturally contain popular posts only, but if we see that more indeed, we can increase our traffic more. Logically, among contains of popular posts there are always most viewed posts. And we can use it condition. We can use widget of popular posts but with 2 or 3 posts will showed. Because popular post widget always show posts from most viewed until less viewed. And it will make your users go to those topics.

Of course, most viewed post day by day will loose it popularity, and will go to be a popular post. And naturally, popular post will loose it popularity as well. On that time, your post is no longer useful or decrepit. Imagine, day by day, month by month, year by year, you will have a lot of not useful post. And it will make your hosting chamber more crowded like a black hole. No body want to go there. And no body can escape from there include light.

Like a black hole, your hosting chamber more crowded, and you don’t have enough space to send post from your blog. But, easy, black hole still can detected. And we can do it. Try to increase your hosting chamber or promote decrepit post. Many ways to do that, we can using internal link, meaning each post link to another post. So when users read your new post, then your users will have recommended related post (green line meaning promoting). You can read our post how to make widget of related posts. Another way is by using widget of random posts, perhaps one of random posts show decrepit post. Or you can using social bookmarks, forum, etc. Perhaps one of discussion telling about topic that similar with your own.

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