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Monday, August 22, 2011

HTML Table Description

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Let's continue our discussion about html. This time we will discuss how to create tables. The format of writing table tag is quite simple, beginning with <table> and ends with </ table>. You can insert number of attributes that you think is important. The table is very important for users of blogger. Although simple, but very interested in a lot of people.

But for blogger users, sometimes blogger add <tbody> tag automatically into your code between <table> tag. Because google continues to do an update on the facilites blogger.

<table><tbody>...any tag...</tbody></table>

Meanwhile, to make a row then it should embed <tr> tags, and to make the column must embed <td> tag. Use of <tr> and <td> on blogger is a necessity. You will get empty table without using that. As example, you write the html code as <table><tbody>learn</tbody></table>, then when you run this code you will see an empty table and "learn" word show outside of your table. There are a number of rarely used tag is almost like <thead> tag, <tfoot> tags, and others.

Support tag Description
<thead> is used to group the header content in an HTML table.
<th>defines a header cell in an HTML table.
is used to group the footer content in an HTML table.
You must join with <thead> and <tbody> if want to use this tag.

The attributes that can be used depending on the type of HTML. The standard attributes that can be used you can access through w3c, we can also combine the table tags with CSS. One of the most commonly used attribute is border = "value". Where is the border function is to provide a border for your table. On the blogger, the width of the table arranged automatically. Depending on the length of the sentence in a column.

Try the code above, to see how to create a table in html.

You can try it directly via: