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Monday, August 22, 2011

Control Meta Description

We have previously discussed the steps that must be prepared before making a blog. All that we discussed so that our blog was born with adequate healthcare. However, we already know that bloggers are not wordpress or website. Blogger consists of only one xml file, while Wordpress and the website has many pages. A good site should contain a description of a dense and not too long on every page, which is poured into the meta tags. It is possible if you use wordpress or website. So that every page you have a clear description. But it can not be on blogger. At least that's what some people over the years. 

We can still do the best for all so that the SEO requirements are met at the blogger. The way is easy, using facilities owned by the logic xml blogger.

Put that code between <head> and </head> also after </title> tag, please don't forget to change url of your site labels or post.  With the code above, then the meta tags that are used will be different. Depending on the current page. In the code above we only give one label, may your blog contains so many labels, so you just add similar code for labels.

Actually this way is not enough, you still have to control it through google webmaster services. Surely you must register your site first on google. At Home will select the site you see. Then click on the dashboard Diagnostics -> HTML Suggestions. Google will always crawl the site using the meta description, meta keywords instead. Google will tell the quality of the meta description of your site. You will easily find out that you have duplicate meta descriptions or your meta description is too long, you can even know that your meta description does not match the contents of the site. At least from that you can know the next steps to improve the quality of your meta description.

Please remember, the meta description is very loved by search engines. So give a complete description, clear and concise that represent your web page. Never use keywords in meta description. Because it actually backfired for yourself. For example, if your page is about physics, then it is probably a good description is: "special relativity tutorial for beginners, also equipped with examples of problems and solutions.

Because there are many topics in physics, so you have to give special topics, ie special relativity. Not everyone is an expert in special relativity, of the discussion would be different with a beginner. Example problems and solutions will add value to your web page. Because, google and other search engines, like displaying pages weighing in on the search engines. For more information please follow the google webmaster about the meta description.

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