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Monday, August 22, 2011

Skype-GroupMe Agreed Change Communication World

skype and groupme deal change the world communications
Skype recently announced collaboration with GroupMe.com. After his debut with Facebook is run, Skype is now trying to finalize its position as the world's conversational service. This deal makes Skype have experience of multi-modal and multi-platform global communications to its users. Although officially the Skype did not mention the contents of the agreement with GroupMe, Skype and GroupMe agreed to create applications and experiences that are the daily communications for millions.

GroupeMe internet service which is easiest to start a conversation and keep in touch with a network of real life, felt the need to work with Skype because it has a vision of harmony. Thus, since the agreement they reached, they now want to change the way the world communicates. And help millions of people to stay in touch with the people they know. GroupMe stated on his official website that this is a great victory. The main problem faced by GroupMe now is adjusting to the Skype has 175 million users who have connected each month.

As for Skype, The GroupMe team has created an incredibly sticky group messaging experience That Works across mobile devices and platforms, making this a perfect Addition to the voice, video and text products in the Skype family, so is expressed by Tony Bates, Skype's Chief Executive Officer.

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