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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Function Of Using

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It feels incomplete when only learn about the namespace, and not using the functions of using. This section we will discuss the continuation of the previous topics about Namespace And Basic Strings. As the name of the function of using (which means using). The purpose of using function is to determine the name of the namespace to be used.

Consider the example above, we chose to activate namespace threelas value of a and b. Then the resulting value is the value in the namespace threelas. While the husband is not displayed.

On the other hand, we could show the value of a in namespace threelas and the value of b in namespace husband. In this case you should use the "::" in the name of the desired namespace. Note that, c + + program gives the name of the namespace std as part of the function of iostream. But everyone has their own characteristics in making the program, it may be when its time comes. As you already know, could have a writing style c + + program is no longer with us.

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