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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Change Domain And 301 Redirect

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Sometimes you make a professional move. That you provide a domain class at your site. For example, you use the service which was originally a free domain from blogger transfer the entire contents of your site to the new domain page. Call it, at first the name of your site is learning.blogspot.com then you turn it into www.learning.com. In this step, your site will experience a redirection. Luckily, when you register a dot com domain of your server then the technician will give you instructions how to divert it. Blogger.com, keep using learning.blogspot.com address, but now is redirect into www.learning.com.

What matters is the next step. This step applies to the entire site. Google could not distinguish between www.learning.com with learning.com, for him two sites have different content. So when you type www.learning.com course your site will open. Instead, when you type learning.com then your site does not exist. You really need to redirect learning.com. For users of Blogger.com you do not need to laboriously. You can directly do so at your own blogger.com account. Click Settings, then click Publishing. In the Advanced Settings options click the Redirect learning.com to www.learning.com.

And what about the others? Simple, register www.learning.com and learning.com on google webmaster. Then, do the 301 redirects. About 301, is the error code on the internet stating that the page is inaccessible because it has been redirect permanently. After you verify the site, so follow these steps:
  1. Sign into Google webmaster account belongs to you, on the Dashboard select the site you want.
  2. On Site configuration, click Settings
  3. In the Preferred domain, click the option you want. For example, you want to display as www.threelas.com threelas.com.

The next question is, how much can be redirect? Let us take a new instance, for example in 2001 the site is called www.learning.com then you turn it into www.learning.net. Of course, the entire contents of your site need to be redirect. Is there a limit for redirect it? The answer is no limit. To be more clear about the 301  redirect please visit the New Webmaster Tutorial Video. We hope this can help the quality of your site.

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