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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The First Social Media Festival Indonesia

SMF conference pers
SMF Conference Pers (dailysocial.net)
Social gatherings of media in Indonesia plans to create a social media festival next September. The festival is no commercial purpose is intended to get together offline. If all this social networking users are always met online, now they will meet face to face and talk to each other. The event is named Social Media Festival (SMF) initiated by fX, SalingSilang.com and DailySocial.

As is known by the public, that Indonesia is one of the biggest users of social networking. Logged facebook and twitter is the most loved by the people of Indonesia at this time. Opportunity is utilized by the initiative of SMF. The theme is Social Media is You. The highlight of this festival will take place on 22 to 24 September 2011, they deliberately take a date because it coincided with the moment of Eid Fitri

The festival will be the first in Indonesia and will probably be the largest in Indonesia. Activities offered was varied, ranging from advice to post events.

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