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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Widget Share With Follow Twitter

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Sweet smile to all readers. This time we re talking about widgets. However, this is different from the others. Namely widgets share. This widget contains the twitter follow button, like button of twitter and google plus one button. The reason we use twitter because we think when we use the follow button a lot of social networking. We should be able to process all the social networking. Do not let a fan of your blog saturated, because you rarely touch it. With a focus on one social networking, then you can often meet fans.

We also include google plus one button, because of our observations, found that multiple-choice buttons like more mainstream users. Google plus one button is very important to improve the quality of your blog in search engines. That is why we insert google plus one button. The reason is in line with our post about bookmark recommended for you, that the popularity of your blog is divided into two. Namely popularity in search engines and the popularity of pageviews.

Ok, let's get to the destination. First you please access http://twitter.com/about/resources/tweetbutton to tweet button and http://twitter.com/about/resources/followbutton to follow button. Please set the buttons provided according to your wishes.

tweet button page
follow button twitter page

After that, go to page http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/, set the buttons to your liking. Click the Advanced option, in the Parse, choose Explicit. Now it's time to open your blog.

On the Design tab click Edit HTML and do not forget to give a checklist on Expand Widget Templates. Now, locate the </ head> using Ctrl + F. Having managed to find it, store the following javascript code

you can get it from google plus one. After successfully saved. Click Page Elements and open the gadget HTML / JavaScript. Before you save the HTML / JavaScript, you must remove one of the following codes provided by twitter

After that, enter the following button plusone code also

This also provided by google plus one when you are finished setting button. After inserting the HTML / Javascript from twitter and google plus one please save. This is one example of an existing widget code in the gadget HTML / JavaScript from us.

Ok, finished. You have successfully created a powerful widget.

update August 28, 2011

Google will realise a new way how +1 button work. Let remind again, when someone search a site there will find a lot of site on google search engine. When they see one of the page list is interest then they will try to find out. After they visit that site, and say, they interest with the contents of that site, so they give +1 to that site. Automatically, on search engine that site get +1 as well. The key of this button is as recommendation. Every body get trust recommendations from people they know such as your friends, your mather, your father, your boyfriends/girlfriends (if you have more than one). This recommendation, of course, will impact your ranking on search engine, because many recommendation then many peoples will come to your site. You love it?

Now, go to the point of this update. First, you already seen notice faces and names when you hover the +1 button. But now, you can make these recommendations more visible to all users of your site, an inline annotation on +1 button. More recommendations, more visible, then more credible for your site. Interesting?

But, unfortunately this inline annotation only work for people whose join with the Google+ Platfrom Preview. So join that platform. Ok, let continue to discuss how to put it on your website. It super easy, go to page http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/, at the Annotation choose inline. Click the Advanced option, in the Parse, choose Default (On Load). After that open HTML/JavaScript gadget, then put the code of +1 inline in there, save it. Easy, if you see this way more easy then what I give to you before (see above), and the performance also more fast to load +1 button with this way.

You get it all? Ok, let's we give recommendation between us. Thank you for your coming.