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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Indonesia Win-Palestine Go Home

bepe make two goals
Bepe (vivanews.com)
Indonesia should be proud of. One step toward successfully completed the pre world cup against the Palestinians. Succeeded in crushing the Palestinian 4-1, having previously missed a number at minute 49. The games tend to be individualistic, seen lumpy in the first round. That is why Solomon Obaid managed to carve out a goal for Palestine.

Early in the first half, Wim put Bachdim and bepe as a starter. Unlike the previous coach, who usually puts bepe the second half. The game is regarded tired for Utina, caused players mainstay Indonesia, Boaz permit return to Papua. Indonesia seen to struggle hard in the second half.

Through Hariono, Gonzales and bepe (two goals) play control of the game, so that Indonesia excels in the second half. The match took place at the Stadio Manahan Solo, Monday, seen balls crawling in the heart of hell Palestinian defense. Indonesia's first goal occurred at minute 65 (Hariono), minute 70 (Gonzales), minute 78 and 86 (bepe). Practical led Indonesia to meet the toughest opponent, Iran. Just a great maturity that could predispose Indonesia win over Iran.

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