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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Barca's Spanish Super Cup Champions For The Tenth Time

Barca vs Madrid in Camp Nou
Madrid finally had to submit to Barca and the Spanish Super Cup handed to Barca. This is Barca's trophy for the tenth time. The match was marred riot. No doubt, the referee has issued nine yellow cards, red cards for Villa, Oezil and Marcelo.

They are considered to trigger unrest in injury time. The reason is Marcelo doing a hard foul to Cesc Fabregas. Initially the match was dominated by fast attack Madrid. Cristiano even had time to make the Barca players worried about his kick.

Barca scored decisive victories lie in the success of Messi scored a goal on 87 minutes. Beautiful bait provided by Adriano successfully completed properly. Barca themselves put Fabregas on minutes 82 to replace Pedro's one minute after Benzema standing Madrid match with Barca to 2-2.

In the first half actually Messi has scored from the bait Gerard Pique at minute 44. Meanwhile, when it still dwells Madrid Cristiano with one goal in minute 19. Throughout the first half, Barca just played quietly with the use of bait among the players. However, violations still occur on Khedira (Madrid) and Xavi (Barcelona). They get a yellow card in this half.

Although Madrid played fast since the first minute of the first half. However, the first goal of the match was actually printed by Iniesta at minute 14, the bait Messi. Guardiola was clever, although he admitted before the game difficult to win against Madrid. Instead he managed to make a change.