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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Barca Formation Still Mysterious

Pep Guardiola
Guardiola (fcbarcelona.com)
Tonight will be a tense night. Because tonight is the second leg match between Barcelona and Madrid. The match will be held at the Camp Nou. Fans and players from both sides of course do not know the outcome is going to happen. However, referring to the first leg match results, clearly Madrid ahead of Barcelona. Only profits alone that led to Barca able to draw against Madrid.

Actually, it is very difficult for Barca to win the game tonight. From the first leg Madrid could have done more than that. Because the referee's decision was the cause of Madrid failed to achieve success. It is highly recognized by Barca. Many things happened after the first leg, and very likely become stronger Madrid. But it is not characteristic of Guardiola, when just sitting. Guardiola tried to organize the formation to face Real Madrid. Unfortunately, it remains a mysterious formations. Because Barca are reluctant to give the exact formation of up to one hour before the game, Barca statement on official site. Xavi, Piqué, Busquets and Pedro all started the first leg on the bench, but could not. The most interesting part of tonight's game is the first appearance Fabregas to Barca against Real Madrid.

cristiano ronaldo
Cristiano (realmadrid.com)
On the other hand, Madrid is very confident will win. Wednesday's match will be open, but we are confident and able to win. A shame we draw tonight .. We played better than Barcelona and have more opportunities to score. We could have won. I believe the penalty should be given when I was down in the box, but we must respect the referee's decision. So that was spoken by Cristiano Ronaldo. Hopefully this is not a game of luck tonight. But a real game.

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