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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bookmark Recommended For You

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Previously we have been discussing what to do before blogging. We strongly recommend that your blog is not immediately listed on search engines. We recommend that you use a bookmarking service with a high page rank. So that your blog listed on the first page of search engines, if necessary on the first position.

We did a survey on the use of bookmarks as a tool of your popularity. We split into two important groups of popularity. First popularity on search engines, and the second is the popularity of pageviews. Why do we distinguish them, because even if you are registered in the first row of the search engines is not necessarily your blog is visited by the user.

Popularity Based On Search Engines

We have investigated a number of bookmarks, it is known that technorati.com, planet-blog.com (from Indonesia) helpful for you to be in the position of the first page of search engines. Consider the search engine results for this blog

rank on google seo

rank on yahoo seo

We are at the first level of the search engines. Planet-blogs carry the name of our blog is at second position from the google search engine. When we look for our blog's name in the search engine Yahoo, Planet-blog.com bringing our blog's name is on the first and second positions. While, technorati.com carrying the name of our blog is at third position. Until this post is written, we still focus on Indonesian territory, because we want to progress of our blog on search engine friendly.

Popularity Based On Pageviews

Of all the bookmarks that we follow is known that the planet-blog.com become one major source of visitors on our blog. Yahoo bookmarks also become one of the main sources of our visitors. Both led to a drastic increase in traffic on our blog. After that, the bookmarks from stuambleupon.com also helped our popularity.

We are also registering our blog on facebook and digg, this the very interesting, we feel the increase in visitors after we register our blog on both services. We know also that digg, stuambleupon, technorati greatly helped our popularity in foreign countries, especially the American nation.


What we do not mean this is your standard in increasing popularity. We're just trying to provide a reference for you. So you have a strategy in increasing the popularity of your blog. There are a lot of bookmarks, you might be able to get way better. Most importantly, make your blog in search engines naturally.

  1. setahu saya bisa mas. karena dalam proses pengaktifan hanya menempatkan kode technorati. namun mas, saran saya bahasa inggris lebih disukai oleh pengguna technorati.