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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Among Human Nature and Social Networking

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Maybe you've met someone who has many friends in social networking. Or the opposite, in fact he only had very few friends in social networking. When you browse the person is found not just in real life.

Yes, that's human nature. Social networks often show the opposite side with real life. For your example, before we ever had a student (we hide the name). Our Student have very many friends in social networking. She was very fluent in communicating while on social networking. However, in real life things were not equal. When she meets her friend from social networking in real life, she almost never spoke to each other.

After we investigate, it is known that people who have limitations in dealing with others in real life tend to find the transition to basic human nature is reached. That is a true friend. It's very ironic. Social networking still has major limitations, which will never be achieved by social networking, a touch of affection.

students of ITB 2008

Now let's look at another real example. In one of the leading institutes in Indonesia, there is a group of students who communicate with each other easily. The proximity is pretty good compared to other student groups. The reason is, when they gathered would not be possible they communicate with each other through social networking.

So people are easy hang out generally have very few friends in social networking. However, it does not mean social networking is not needed. When a group of students completed the study, they decided to use social networking as a tool of communication between countries and between islands.

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