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Friday, July 22, 2011

Indonesia Football Fire Only One In The World

football fire
Maybe you always watch on tv about playing the football with ball safety. Not only that, you also watch your favorite team and favorite players. As Barca with Messi as a favorite, Manchester United with Rooney as a favorite. There are always rules to maintain fair play football.

But you do not see the extreme performance there. In Indonesia, precisely in the town of Purwakarta, there is an event that happens once every year. Football fire. Players really play the football with a ball of fire. Like football in general, there are two teams attacking each other, each team contain eleven players. Each trying to put the ball into the opponent's goal.

Only, the ball is derived from palm fruit soaked with kerosene for several hours. To be absorbed by kerosene palm fruit. The more kerosene is absorbed, then the fireball will be greater. When the players were ready for action. The religious leaders would read like a mantra. So that the players will not burn when kicking a ball of fire.

This football is always held before the holy month of Ramadan. Residents are very entertained with this event. At least they can forget for a moment the burden of they life.