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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Google+ Comment For Blogger And The Impact

google+ comment on blogger
Blogger has recently been integrating Google+ Comment as a default commenting system. This step is actually very beneficial to increase traffic to your blogger. Because, one powerful way to increase traffic to a blog is the selection of appropriate discussion platform. Google+ is one of the largest social networks in addition to Facebook and Twitter. Many web users make Google+ integration into the site is an obligation. Therefore, Google+ can increase search result rankings in the search engines.

It's important for you to know the impact of the use of Google+ Comment. So that you are aware of what you should do when you've migrated this discussion platform. Therefore, we will discuss the impact of using Google+ Comment. Below is the conclusion.

Blogger Comment (Old discussion platform)Google+ Comment (New discussion platform)
Discussion only happens on the blogThe discussion that occurred can be seen by other friends who have not come to discuss

Can not be shared to any social networking

Can be shared into social networking of Google+. By default, comments are shared can be seen in the Google+ social network, it can even be shared to other social networks through social networking page of Google+
Removing one of the comments may cause error 404. Thus, may decrease SEO rankings.Deleting comments does not cause error 404 on your blog.
No share options by default, except when made ​​with adequate knowledge of Javascript.If you leave a comment, it is not always your comments be shared into Google+. You can choose not to be shared. You can also choose certain people that can be shared through your Circles.
Original comment in blogger can not be shared automatically, unless carried out manually via Google+.Original comment in blogger that was not be shared to Google+, it will not appear on Google+ Comment. Vice versa, even blog post url link displayed on Google's social networking.
There is no notification when a replyThere is notification when a reply
Can perform moderationCan perform moderation

To be more clear how to integrate blogger into Google+ Comment, simply by opening your blogger dashboard -> Google+ tab, and then give the checklist on Use Google+ Comments on this blog. After that, Google+ Comment has been active on your blog.

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