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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Read Audience Data of Google Analytic

Reading Audience Data of Google Analytic will give more information about "who, where, how the visitors came to your site". If only read Landing Page data will get less information about your Audience behavior. With Audience data, you will know why your visitors came and the way came to your site". So, this topic is continues of read bounce rate data of google analytic. Audience data will also help you to improve your ads performance. You will know what ads will displayed on your site.

Let we continue the previous practice from bounce rate data. Open Audience data based on Location by click Google Analytic Dashboard (select one of your site) -> Audience -> Demographics -> Location. We had set it on February 24, 2013. So check the image below

google analytic location data
Click to see the full image.

After set on that date, now let we analyse one of location. We choose United States. This data tell that, on that date, there are 9 people was came to the site. Where those people are new "player" 100%. They spend the time on the site about 14 seconds. But, about 77.78% visiting was drop off. It mean, about 9*0.7778 = 7 people was drop off. Only 2 people was went to another pages of the site. To see the fact, you can check it via Visitors Flow by click Audience -> Visitors Flow, then set the date on February 24.

google analytic visitors flow on specific date
To get the specific highlight, you can right click Country Region Box (in here is United States),
then choose Highlight traffic through here.
Not only that, from Location data, we also see Pages/Visit is 1.33 for United States. This mean, in one visiting, there are 9*1.33 = 12 pages (after rounding of course) was visited by visitors. Remember, this is total pages was visited. The first came (interaction) is 9 visits but 7 visits was drop off. And other people (2 visitings) was continued to another pages for second interaction. But, one of visits was drop off. So, we have 1 visit for remain. This is the last visiting to another place (third interaction). That is way, the total pages for each visit is 12 pages ( 9 [1st interaction] + 2 [2nd interaction] + 1 [3th interaction] ). See the image below

google analytic visitors flow on specific segmen
To get one country flow, click Country Region box, then choose
View only this segment

Next, we will talk more about google analytic. Please feel free to ask or critic us.

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