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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Threelas New Template Generation

Threelas new template generation
Like we announced in last year of 2012, that we will publish Threelas New Template Generation for blogger users in early year of 2013. We promise that this template is very different with another template around the world. This template is designed to be easy to read, easy to navigate, easy to see, good SEO, dynamic template, and so on. This template is also designed to make your visitors can explore more posts without waiting to long when loading a new page. We hack blogger template more deep to make this template. With this template, you can minimizing loading process. Because you almost don't need pagination and auto read more. What your visitor to do just click "View More", then another posts will be showed again and again. We also embed Google+ button automatically. So, when your visitors like your post, then they only click that button, after that your post will be shared automatically as well. This template we made very hard, and this is first generation. Next time, you will see our template more pretty and more interactive. 

Below is the movie of this template.

The price of this template is just $15 (for another countries) or only Rp 150.000 (for Indonesia). But this template is only $10 (for another countries) or only Rp 100.000 (for Indonesia) until February 28, 2013. So what for to wait, get it now.

If you want to buy this Threelas New Template Generation, below is the instruction for another countries:

  1. Contact us via contact@threelas.com or via ibnusyuhadap3@gmail.com or via putriarisnawati@gmail.com, tell that "I want to buy Threelas New Template Generation"
  2. We will reply your message as soon as possible and give our PayPal address to you.
  3. When you pay our template to our PayPal address, then contact us again tell that "I have paid this template" complete your PayPal address and your complete name. We will give the template complete with Handbook (PDF format) for how to use this template. Don't worry, your money is save.
If you want to buy this Threelas New Template Generation, below is the instruction for Indonesia:
  1. Hubungi kami via contact@threelas.com or via ibnusyuhadap3@gmail.com or via putriarisnawati@gmail.com, katakan bahwa "Saya ingin membeli Threelas New Template Generation"
  2. Kami akan merespon pesan anda sesegera mungkin dan memberikan nomor rekening Bank kami.
  3. Ketika kamu telah membayarnya ke rekening kami, kirim pesan kembali kepada kami. Katakan bahwa "Saya telah membayar template ini" lengkap dengan nama, nama bank, cabang bank dari milik anda. Kami akan memberikan templatenya lengkap dengan Handbook (dalam format PDF). Jangan khawatir, uang anda aman.
This time is to hack your blogger more deep with our template.

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