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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Main Steps In Blogging

main steps in blogging
Starting a blog should have a principle, because we must keep exist on internet, once stand up then it’s for all time. Many blogs are born every day, but many of them are also collapse. So, to be able to stand up forever, you have to do some main steps in blogging. The following explanations are the principal steps in blogging to help you keep exist on internet.

A. Determine the topic of the blog

Determining the topic of a blog is a necessity, you must be completely consistent on the topic. Avoid topics in which you do not understand it. There is a good idea to check the trend of a topic. If the trend of a topic is high then that is a great opportunity to get many visitors. However, you may also have to pay attention to your rival candidates. Check your skills with your rival candidate. If the ability of your rival candidate is bigger than you, your chances to getting visitors are getting smaller. Determine the topic of the blog is also meaning about share knowledge. If your topic can increase the knowledge of users then your blog will always vitised every days. If you are not an artist, please don't ever try to make a blog as a diary. This also what you should to know before blogging. Many bloggers are fail because they don't pay attention to this step.

B. Choosing a good title

This step is very crusial in blogging. Choosing a blog title is very important, choose an appropriate title to your topic, try the title of the blog on your own blog url. For example, the topic of your blog is about the tutorial blog, and then one of the good url is blogtutorial.com. Nevertheless, it does not mean you cannot use another name, for example ibnusyuhada.com. If you do this, then our advice is to craft a title tag like this

<title> Blog Tutorial | Ibnu Syuhada </ title>

This is highly effective way to lure your blog on the first page of search engines.

C. Having your own domain

Many of bloggers who are reluctant to do this step. They prefer to use the default domain. An example is http://example.blogspot.com, this method is not effective for those of you who have online business goals. Therefore, we recommend you to have your own domain, for example, is http://example.org. It is about the nature of your blog. So the selection of a domain can help your blog with its own characteristics.

D. Make a good navigation

This step is one of the requirements of the webmaster. Any person does not want to be stuck on a location, do not know where to go. By providing navigation, visitors can walk from one location to another on your blog. This method can increase the number of drilldown page. Breadcrumb menu is the most popular, a number of search engines like google, yahoo, bing really like breadcrumb. Dropdown menu is still to be excellent, so it would not hurt if you apply them on your blog.

E. Creating a sitemap

Sitemap is the necessity of a blog. Every blog should provide two sitemap. One for your blog, one for search engines. Sitemap for blog better known as the table of contents, this sitemap to help visitors explore more deeply the content of your blog. While the sitemap for search engines, can help the search engines to explore the contents of your blog. Give high attention to this step will make your impression on search engine is increase.

F. Do not delete posts

If you delete your post, it will result in severe. The search engines really does not like sites that have removed the posting. Every search engine know this condition as 404 error "page not found". Google, also others search engine have gave recommendation to add 404 widget on you blog. But, what every you do, delete your posts will decrease your rank.

G. Update periodically

Write posts periodically can increase the number of impressions of your site in search engines. It means, you have many chances get a lot of visitors.

H. Good content

Like or dislike, even if your site is the first ranks on search engines, but the poor quality of the posts, the visitors will get out of you in the future. So keep posting with the best quality, if necessary, give the video on your post. Make a post with a clear explanation, complete with pictures, video added if necessary. Posts that have video are favored by users. Good content also meaning your post can increase the knowledge of your users. Users will search on internet because they have many question in their head. If your post can solve their questions then your blog will have more visitors.

I. Join a community of social networking

You are not alone in the world, so join the social networking community. Do not ever expect to have many visitors because of the search engines. In general, a site is recommended by someone from another person. This condition only occurs in social networks. Almost all sites have a lot of visitors because of social networking. Facebook, twitter, google+, stumbleupon are one of the most social for blogger. Follow this step will make your blog more famous.

J. Have your own favicon

This step si about the characteristics of your blog. Someone will soon find your blog one of them because of the favicon. So have a favicon with its own distinctive characteristics is imperative.

K. Have your own template

Again, this step is for characterize your blog from other blogs. Make your blog template is different from the others. Do not forget, you must have SEO friendly template.

L. Learning SEO

If you want your site is located at the first location of the search engines, then you must learn SEO. Take your time to learn SEO. Many bloggers don't know how to keep exist on internet because they don't want to learn SEO.

M. More than one method to offer subscription

This step is very important for you to offer more than one method of subscription to the user. Users are generally more pleased with the email method. However, you do not need to fret in providing many methods of subscription. Use Feedburner as an alternative.

N. Make good description for your blog

Remember, good search engine like google, yahoo, bing indexing your blog based on description not based on keyword. By giving detail description for your blog will help search engine to understand about your blog. Prevent duplicate meta description also make your blog easy to index by search engine.