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Saturday, February 18, 2012

How To Choose SEO Template

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Choosing a SEO friendly template is necessity. Because every browser has their characteristics and algorithm of search engine is always change. Because of that, we must able to choose SEO template. Many peoples say they have SEO template, but not all people know about SEO template. In here, we have written several common criteria of SEO template.

A. Using font type SEO

When crawlers come to your blog, they will test your blog. They read as detail as possible and as fast as possible. With giving easy of crawlers to read your blog, then crawlers will like your blog. Template in which using sans-serif or times new romance as their font standard is a SEO friendly template. Because, crawler easy to read those font types.

B. Using <!Doctype html> as html document

Validation of a blog from blogger is impossible for this time. You will absolutely find many errors inside. But, those errors are can reduce as small as possible by giving right document type of html. What you must to do is just using the document type as follow

<!Doctype html>

Once again, choosing this document is only to shrink total of errors.

C. Posts widget is loaded first than sidebar

Every person will come to internet because they have a question. When they find your site, soon they will find out. But they need short time to know the answer of their question from your blog. Template in which designing to make posts widget is loaded first than sidebar will make they happy.

D. Giving title optimization

Blogger template has 5 main page; post page, homepage, label page, archives page, static page. A SEO template must able to optimizing the title of each page. From our experiment, post page and homepage are mandatory. Visitors will type a question on search box of search engine because they have a question. Their words will be used as keywords by search engine to crawl a million of sites. But, search engine will read the title first. If the keywords are suitable with the site title, then that site will show by search engine. In other words, users seldom to think about categories (labels), users need knowledge. With optimizing the page title then chance of a blog to showed on the first page of search engine bigger. We have written this post about main steps in blogging.

E. Prevent duplicate meta description

Not like before, long time ago, now search engine read sites based on title and Meta description. If you want to choose a template, make sure that template can prevent from duplicate Meta description. If two pages of your site have same description, then it will be make confuse. Although Google said duplicate Meta description not influence the performance of your site on search engine, but from logic it will have influence. See SEO blogger long term for prevent this duplicate.

F. Having good navigation

If you see a site with high page rank, then it usually you will see navigation on upper left. That navigation is generally using text-based link. Crawlers likes with that one, because make them easy to surf all your site contents. Even, human also like that. Another navigation is breadcrumb, this is must plugin into SEO template. Don’t ever hope your users come for the first time from homepage. Generally they come from one of your post. Blog is like museum, only you know the map of your blog. Prevent the users to leave your blog from the first visit page. Using breadcrumb can prevent that problem.

G. Having sitemap

Sitemap for blog know as table of contents. Crawlers also like this. Because will make crawlers more easy surf your site contents. Google webmaster and other webmaster have given suggestion that all sites including blogs must have sitemap on their sites.

H. Good design

The meaning of good design is same performance across the web browser, including css compress. Many web designer use image as background instead using css color. This is ok, but will make your blog load slow.

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