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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review For Blogging

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Before discussing more about the blogger and widgets, this time I will provide reviews of all the posts we've made on this label. Because after this review we will focus enhance and speed up a blog. Basically, the postings previous useful for beginners or those who are doing a good strategy to make your site friendly.

Before you decide to create a blog, we recommend you to choose topics that are realistic and unique. If you are not a leader, artist, renowned scientist, then you should not make a blog about yourself. If you want to make a site about yourself, you can take advantage of social networking. Or, you can use a blog but in a social networking format, if you select this step certainly big business to do, you are not the first and the strongest for social networking.

Web users outside the country, especially in developed countries, very thirsty with the knowledge and lifestyle. While in Indonesia and developing countries, tend to like the pattern of business. This is a good info. We explain the detail about the step before blogging. After you have successfully determined the topic, the next step is to promote a blog. There are three surefire ways to promote the blog, the first is by registering on the web directory, the second is by registering on the web bookmarks, and the third is by commenting on other blogs.

Very difficult to register a blog in dmoz.org or in yahoo directory. Because they are very selective in choosing a site or blog. There are other ways to register your blog on yahoo directory, which is a premium (pay), so if you want. Therefore, our advice is try to find another web directory. Maybe you get for free, but must provide a link to their site. If it is, then you should try to check a week later after you put up a link from their site, whether your site is listed in their directory or not. If not, just delete their link at your site.

Another step is to register your site on the web bookmarks like digg, technorati, planet-blog (Indonesia), reddit, and others. This is more convenient than the directory. The more often you perform the activity on your web bookmarks, the more likely your site listed in the first search engine.

Another way is by providing useful comments on other blogs. This is the easiest way. Some people think that it is better to comment on blogs that have high pagerank. Better not like it. Do not take lightly a blog that has a low pagerank, but look at the quality of their blog. If it is quality, why not comment?

Once you promote your blog, next is to treat the blog. Try not to is a broken link. It would be difficult for you to increase ranking on search engines. Always check the quality of your blog. Make sure your blog does not contain a virus. Maintenance Blog Our post about explains it all.

Attribute that is required is a sitemap, contact us, breadcrumb menu, sign in. Ease of a user in using the site belongs to you to be the deciding that your blog friendly. Therefore, breadcrumb navigation is very important. Contact us and sign in, can actually be followed, but early communication with the users become very important. To sitemap, you must create two sitemap. First for users (placed on the website), and the other for the search engines. We have created another form of sitemap for users. Our suggestion, give the label on each of your posts.

To be clearer, please read the posts on this label, starting from before blogging, until the sitemap for the blog.

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