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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fashion On Twitter

Yow yow .. ... for you fans of fashion and models, this time you can see directly the activities of the world's leading designers. Looking at pictures of the latest fashions, including video clothing worn by beautiful models, you can also see updates. You can also learn the ideas of the designer through their comments on twitter. Now we can quickly see that development rather than just waiting for fashion news via television.

twitter @nyfw fashion on new york
twitter @nyfw

Therefore, the top designers, models, stylists will give tweet of the hottest shows, sharing the latest photos of behind the scenes before they hit the runway. Interesting is not it?

You can see the development of the latest fashion in New York via twitter account @nyfw. From the account you can see the tweet "Damien Neva from @FordModels", "Designer @PrabalGurung", "Marie Claire fashion director and Project Runway judge @ninagarcia", and many more. One of the twitter account which will feature live-tweet on show are @MarcJacobsIntl and @PrabalGurung. They display the best images from the catwalk and designer. Their followers are also quick to respond. You can click "view all" on Recent Images to view all their latest photos.

Not only that, you can also see the development of fashion in London @LondonFashionWk/designers-brands, the latest and hot. Everything is on twitter. Hot news, gossip fashion from New York to London you can follow directly via twitter.

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