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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Indonesia Lose From Bahrain

expression of Indonesia players when lose from Bahrain
Expression of Indonesia player when loses (vivanews.com)
Really do not have the passion of Indonesia players. It's the second consecutive defeat. Having previously defeated by Iran, must now be lost to Bahrain. Disappointment ensued on the stronghold of supporters of Indonesia. Supporters make the tantrum, the President of Indonesia (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) to go home. The shame and disappointment coloring the entire Indonesian players.

Indeed before the game, one of player from Indonesia, Bambang Pamungkas (bepe), said the requested support from the fans, because the national team is actually experiencing severe fatigue, after a war against Iran. The match begins at 7 pm local time, Indonesia had lost two points from Bahrain. Since the beginning of the game, the midfielder lost his spirit, so that in first half injury time, Bahrain scored the first goal by Sayed Dhiya Daeed Ebrahim.

Actually a lot of chances to win Indonesia, but Indonesia has not been able to use it. Another thing with Bahrain, in the second half, Bahrain scored a second time at minute 71 by Ismaeel Abdul Latif. Obviously, Bahrain had the upper hand. Actually since the beginning of the second half, Utina called out from the field and replaced with Hariono. However, Indonesia still did not develop. As a result, supporters of Indonesia do tantrum by throwing firecrackers into the middle of the field. Spontaneously, the referee stopped the match in the 75th minute for 15 minutes. Not only that, the President of Indonesia is also simply leave the Bung Karno stadium with the feeling of disappointment.

This is detrimental to Indonesia, there is the possibility of FIFA's punishment for Indonesia. Luckily, the football union steward Indonesia swiftly to calm fans. Everything went well after that, I hope FIFA does not impose punishment. Supporters of Indonesia should also be aware that Indonesia does not fully defeat the players weaknesses Indonesia. After the match against Iran, Indonesia must immediately return to the homeland, and only a few days for Indonesia to rest players. Obviously this is not good for Indonesia, in contrast to Bahrain with a lot of time to rest. Although Indonesia has been doing the exercises, this position is still not a balanced position for Indonesia. FIFA should also be aware of in determining the schedule of matches. We want to match the real, balanced.

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