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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Indonesia-Bahrain Prepare For Battle

wim rijsbergen
Wim Rijsbergen (vivanews.com)
Indonesia National Team preparing for the game against Bahrain. Exercise was closed last night. Currently Indonesia is still shadowed by a sense of defeat on Iran before. Of course, Indonesia does not want to defeat it happen again. Seemed the two players mainstay Indonesia did not attend the previous match, Bustomi and Boaz Solosa.

Foster children Wim Rijsbergen closing exercises held at the Bung Karno Stadium. Previously, Bahrain has held a workout at the same place. Because both players are scheduled to compete today, their place of practice. Both teams want to win, Indonesia is very wary of winger Bahrain (Salman Isa). Meanwhile, Bahrain, once defeated by Indonesia in 2007, of course, it becomes expensive lesson for Bahrain.

Meanwhile, as you well know, that the supporters of Indonesia is the most support fans in Southeast Asia, they are willing to queue length amid a hot day for their team pride. Ticket prices they bought was varied, ranging from 50,000 rupiah to 500,000 rupiah (VVIP). They expect Indonesia to win. Of course, this being a great support for the Indonesian players, as well as a great responsibility.

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