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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photo More High Resolution On Facebook

Recently Facebook has said that the resolution of images becomes wider than before (720 pixels to 960 pixels). You do not have to worry about the speed of loading images. Because facebook ensure speed load photos into two times faster. It has been known so far, one of the most frequent activities performed by the users of facebook is the share photos. So facebook works hard to photo-sharing facility for the better.

high resolution on facebook

A more streamlined photo viewer features a cleaner interface that that makes it even Easier to enjoy your photos. The light box is now set against a simple white background that puts more of the focus on the photo, and less on the surrounding frames. Is best carried out by facebook for this facility.

more transparant on facebook

Although not all Facebook users can enjoy this upgrade, but in the next few days, all Facebook users will enjoy the upgraded service. But in terms of facilities photos, facebook still lacks. Facility that is a better photo editing such as lightening, darkening. When this facility is immediately given by facebook, then a position as favorite social networking will survive.

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