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Friday, August 26, 2011

NASA Will Launch Mission Go To Moon On September

twin grail on preparation
NASA announced that the preparation for the launch of mission to the moon has reached the final preparation. The mission called GRAIL (Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory) is scheduled to launch next September 8. This is the first mission that has never been done by a human being to study the moon in more detail.

GRAIL has the task of putting the two spacecraft around the moon. An instrument aboard each spacecraft will measure the changes in their relative velocity very precisely, and scientists will translate this information into a high-resolution map of the Moon's gravitational field. 

Dated August 24 last, the final preparations have been made. Mapping the moon's gravity is expected to run successfully. GRAIL GRAIL A and B will be launched using a Delta II rocket through Florida. GRAIL A is planned to be traveling nearly 2.6 million miles, while the GRAIL B is planned to be traveling nearly 2.7 million miles.

Hopefully, this mission can work well. Because when it will enter lunar orbit, the gravitational field wall between the moon and the earth can cause the spacecraft are not on the actual path. If that happens then the millions of dollars will disappear without success.

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