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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who Is The Best Footballer In Europe This Time

xavi and messi as candidate of best player
Xavi and Messi (fcbarcelona.com)
For you fans of Messi, pray that your idol selected as the best European players. Selection of best European players will be made by 53 countries in Europe. The assessment is based on the performance of players during play in Europe last season. The jury of 53 journalists from European countries.

Assessment will be conducted in August precisely on the 25th and immediately announced on the same day. Known than Messi, the main candidates also come from fellow clubs, namely Xavi.

Maybe Barca fans can be proud heart, because 4 players Barca entered into the top ten best players. Among Andrés Iniesta, who finished fourth and Gerard Pique in the ninth position.

But, you also have to continue to recite prayers for your idol. Because Cristiano Ronaldo is one candidate who championed.

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