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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Make Interactive Shoutbox Widget

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Shoutbox serves as a means of user comments from your blog or website. Its presence is quite important, because many users are more pleased with the practical way in commenting on a blog or website.

Previously we have provided a way to create a means for visitors comments, you can read it on a post about social bar. To continue our discussion, you should first read our post about combine your blog with Zoho. Because this time you will create a more interactive shoutbox.

Once you are registered with Zoho, the next step is you get to the arena from Zoho chat. So you will see the following pages (sorry, may be your background is different with us, because we changed it). 

chat zoho

Advantages possessed by the shoutbox Zoho is enable your site visitors to talk among themselves. If you are online, you can join their conversation as well. If you are a teacher or lecture then this widget more powerful to discuss with your students by online. Because, can also be used in classroom environments. Students can interact on a topic among themselves and the instructor can join in too. Shoutboxes are transparent, everyone's chat is visible to all.

Ok, now, click the Shoutbox link, so that you will see this page

embed chat zoho

after that give name of your widget and also give it title, when you finish click generated code button. Copy the HTML script. Now, open your blogger. Then click Design tab, click Add Gadget, so that you will see gadget window from blogger. After that, choose HTML/JavaScript gadget. Then, put copy HTML script from zoho. Of course, don't forget to save.

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