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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Combine Your Blog With Zoho

Hello friends, I hope you have a nice day right know. Ok, I will explain about combine blog with zoho. Why this is very important? Let say, sometimes your users need to contact with you, right?. Of course, they need access to do that. Or, sometimes your users want to give a comments into your blog. May be, your users need live chat with you. And the most important, may be you want make a space for ads. And you need your advertisers data. All this thing can be made with using one tool. That is zoho (zoho.com).

zoho homepage

Zoho offer solve problems to you like we said above. Zoho collaboration apps offer to you chat rooms, docs, discussions, mail, meeting, projects, share, and wiki application. If you want to make a shoutbox for your users, so that your users can easily give a comment to your blog, then we recommend you to using chat rooms application.

zoho collaboration application

For business application zoho offer assist application, books application, BugTracker application, challenge application, and many more. If you want to make a email form for your website or blog you can make a form from here and embed it into your site.

zoho business application

Zoho also offer productivity application, where in there contains calender, notebook, planner application, and more. You can also plugin this application into microsoft office.

Need more? of course you can do that with zoho, zoho also give Developers and partners application. With this you can using API if you are able in programming.

zoho developer and partners application

Of course it's free. But the space is not enough for medium or high business. If you need a large space you must buy it. Once again, zoho also making collaboration with google. If you want to register it easy, on the zoho hompage (zoho.com) then you click Sign Up Free, after that you will meet this page

zoho sign up page

Yup, you can sign up using google account, yahoo account, or facebook account. But, we like to register it manually. Because we don't want anybody can access my account directly. After you finish register, you will have a message verification from zoho. We hope this post give you more information.

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