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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HTML Preparation Software

Barack Obama using blog for propagation
Obama using blog (source:whitehouse.gov)
Since the blog appears in the virtual world a lot of people who already have a blog for even one person has more than two blogs. This is due to the ease of creating a blog site in just a few minutes only. Very different from his brother, the website, make takes up to days.

Not only the ease in making blogs, blogs function more widespread. The reason, many politicians the world including in Indonesia using blogs as a means of propagation. Not just a politician, a scientist and even unemployment also take advantage of the blog.

Wimar Witoelar using blog for propagation
Wimar Witoelar using blog (source:perspektif.net)
The presence of the blog has also become a new source of income. Even land new jobs blog was made by some people. Because many companies love to promote their products through the blog. Automated, revenue from advertising a product the company makes your pockets inflate. However, as the benefits of blogs. Needs more HTML knowledge required. The reason, to display a more interesting blogs specify HTML to be one of the tools, therefore, we provide HTML tutorials for free to anyone. For the purposes of the exercise the HTML offline, we recommend to you to use software Aptana Studio or Evrsoft First Page. Both this software can be obtained for free through the internet. Aptana Studio has surplus can be used for PHP and CSS Style when compared to Evrsoft used only for the purposes of HTML only. The main weakness of the Aptana Studio is a WYSIWYG tool requires other programs such as Mozilla Firefox, so the use of the software that this one needs a great memory. Another case with Evrsoft First Page where WYSIWYG tools have become one. Aptana Studio can be downloaded via his website at aptana.com whereas to Evrsoft First Page can be accessed at evrsoft.com.

aptana studio
evrsoft first page
 Get it now, because we will learn HTML on the next topic.

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