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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How To Optimizing Permalink

Basically permalink is not new. However, for the users of blogger, blogger permalink facility is new. Some users of blogger would have a good understanding of the functions of permalink. While others do not understand well. Permalink stands for permanent link. That is, the permalink is permanent and does not change over time. Weblog modern, such as the content management system to support this facility. This means, blogger has entered the modern stage. In this tutorial we will discuss how to use permalinks of blogger facilities.

Basically, the permalink is made to be easily readable by humans. Usually a function of the permanent link is to connect an external source. For example, suppose you want to quote an article of threelas, it will be more secure if you use the link permalink. Since the permanent link is not obsolete, it will not happen "page not found" in the future. On the other hand, the permanent link greatly affect the quality of the search. Google and other search engines use a permanent link on the search results. Google search engine will display lists of websites in the search results based on the keywords in the permanent link.

Consider the following example, the original page of wikipedia Example is


This url is less able to be read easily by humans. Therefore, it is better to use the following permanent link


This time, the url is more readable by humans. In practice, everyone will easily remember a topic of your blog or website by title, not by the URL. So it would be better if the permanent link of your article matches the title. Blogger will basically generate permanent links automatically. However, you can compile them yourself. There are tricks you should understand in creating a custom permalink. Suppose the title of your article is "Learning Blogger Json Feed". Url of this article is (eg)


hence, a good permalink is as follows


however, the best are


You may ask why? Because want to be discussed in this article is blogger json feed. Keep in mind, a good title consists of two key phrases. First is the core and the second is a complementary phrase. "Learning Blogger Json Feed" contains two phrases, the first is the "Learning" (complement). While the second is a "Blogger Json Feed" (core).

That's why http://www.example.com/2012/03/blogger-json-feed is the best permanent link. Consider the following example, how threelas managed to be in the second position of google search results with keywords "blogger json feed"


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  2. Cara mengoptimalkannya cukup sederhana, anda hanya perlu memahami permainan kata yang paling mungkin digunakan oleh orang lain ketika hendak mencari sesuatu di mesin pencari.

    Misalnya, anda ingin mencari basic blogger json feed, maka pada umumnya, orang akan menulis dua kalimat pada kotak pencarian:

    1. basic blogger json feed

    2. learn basic blogger json feed

    disini, kata "learn" adalah "complement (pelengkap)". Sedangkan yang ingin dicari sesungguhnya adalah "basic blogger json feed". Dalam hal ini, "basic blogger json feed" adalah "core". Jadi, optimasi permalink yang baik adalah


    semoga penjelasan ini bermanfaat.