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Friday, October 5, 2012

Benefit Of Social Comments On Blog

Comments of a topic on a blog are common, and have a huge benefit. So social interaction on the comments of a blog is very possible. Over time, blogger have developed original box threaded comments. Thus, the reply of the comments to be more precise and clearer. At first, threelas using original blogger comment as a means for visitors of threelas to comment (and thank you for commenting). However, the founders of threelas want this blog more lively and more social.

Therefore, threelas ever implemented facebook comments. Because facebook applying social concepts of the Open Graph, while the original blogger comments do not have a social concept. However, if considered properly, social interaction of facebook comments is occurs only in facebook platform. Meanwhile, on a blog that implement facebook comment is not different from that applying original blogger comment. We can only see the comments and reply. The different is the facility "like" on facebook comment, while on blogger does not exist. However, threelas ever anticipate it, so original blogger comment has facilities "plus one (google+)" instead of "like" in every comment. That is, we've done parallel to the original comment blogger with facebook comment. Once again, social interaction does not occur on the blog, but it happens on social networking platforms. It's like a person who eats a lot, but the essence of the food is lost due to being eaten by worms in their stomachs.

disqus comments benefit
disqus comments benefit

Then, we decided to use Disqus.com as a means to comment for the visitors of threelas. Today we are pleased with Disqus, because Disqus has many benefits:

1. The concept of social interaction across the site. Keep in mind, Disqus has notification facilities. This facility will notify the users of Disqus, when their comments on another site is response. At least, Disqus has a basic concept of social interaction. The definition of basic social interaction is "about you, and what is your relationship with care".

2. Avoiding fake review and comment. Disqus has many types of login, one of which is login by using social networking. Here, there has been a psychological burden on the real. That is, if they try to give fake reviews or comments will automatically appear in social networking. So that all people will know the truth about what your review or comment.

3. Increasing visitor traffic. Disqus also has Discovery facilities, this facilities will feature related comments of current site and the recommended site of cross site.

4. Notification of Disqus are real time.

So, blogs are able to become more social is better and more alive.

  1. No Blogger também poderás fazer uso de comments Facebook, Discus junto com Blogger comments.

  2. Sim, mas uma comunicação focada em um mais social e é melhor. A comunicação é mais do que um tipo como de comentários blogger, comentários facebook, comentários Disqus, não é muito bom em comunicação. Visitantes se confundir qual escolher.

  3. Oh! Obrigado por sua atenção!
    Muito bom seu trabalho! Estou estudando formas de criar widgets para Blogger, perdido em apis obsoletas, links quebrados, etc. Talvez possa indicar algo mais preciso. Mais uma vez obrigado!