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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Twitter App In Nokia Belle, Help You To Still Interact

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Keep interacting with fans, friends, families, business people, even if you're on the move certainly is you need. Twitter, as one of the best social network in the world, allowing millions of people to connect, is a wonderful tool to keep interacting. However, when you're not anywhere near with your computer or laptop, then it would be prohibitive. Nevertheless, Nokia Belle may be one solution to social interaction. Nokia Belle has many Twitter applications are very useful for you to keep interacting.

The following are Twitter applications available in Nokia Belle:

Tweetian (Free)
Tweetian is a feature-rich Twitter app for Symbian and MeeGo Harmattan, developed using Qt/QML. With the intense use of Qt Quick Component, Tweetian comes with a fluid & native UI.

- Swiping left & right in the home page to quickly access your timeline, mentions & DMs
- Autofill for @mentions and #hashtags when composing tweet
- View tweet location & conversation
- Tweet translation
- TwitLonger & Pocket integration
- Image upload & integrated image viewer from multiple services

Gravity (£8.00)
Gravity is a full-featured Twitter Client with a gorgeous, highly praised user interface. It supports multiple Twitter accounts, image uploading to MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo or Posterous, multiple Twitter Searches, Twitter Trends, Groups, Audio Alerts, Auto-Connect and many more.

Nearby Tweets (Free)
Get tweets around your location or anywhere from the world. Current location will be identified using GPS or cell tower or based on your input. Once tweets are loaded there are lots of functionalities. Eg: Filter jobs around your location by setting a filter (Jobs), Click on a user to know more about him/her, Click on " More " to display all the tweets from the user etc.

Tweeties: Best Twitter client (£4.00)
Tweeties is a full-featured Twitter Client with: 
Simple and clean UI style
Optimized keyboard (for English only)
Beautiful graphics
Considerate drop down list
Designed direct message UI
"in-reply-to" feature. 

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