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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Setting Up Action And Object of Open Graph Facebook

open graph developer application start
In the previous topic about understanding Open Graph for blog, I have discussed how to select the appropriate Action and Object with your blog. On this topic, I will discuss how to setting up an action and an object in the Application Dashboard. There are a lot of actions and the objects that you can make, one of which is Read - Article. This action is one of action-object built in that has been provided by Facebook. Action Read works when a person read an article (Article Object). Facebook gives few rules when you use this action, a person is reading an article if the person has read the article more than 10 seconds. That is, if the user has read your blog to an article more than 10 seconds, then the Action Read allowed to publish. Other rules have also been set up by Facebook, your blog user should know that an Action Read is active. So that any Read activity will be published on Facebook. Because there is a possibility, the user of your blog is enjoy reading the article, but do not want the activities published on Facebook. Both of these rules can be fulfilled by the function of Date () and cookies from Javascript. I will discuss this in the next topic.

Before you can publish an action, you should setting up the action and the object correctly. For that, go to your Facebook Application Dashboard page on https://developers.facebook.com/apps. To the left of this page, you will see a link from the Open Graph tab. Click on the link and select Getting Started. So it will look the following display

developer application of open graph start

Type action on the box to the right of the People can and article on the left of the Get Started green button. On the other hand, if you want to create your own pair action - object, you can perform the same steps above. Let's say the couple action - your object is a cook - recipe. After that, click the Get Started green button so the page will appear as shown below. In this step, we recommend that you fill all the boxes like the pictures below.

setting action

In this step, we advise you to fill the entire box as shown above and click Save Change and Next button, which will perform the following page

setting object

On this page, I also recommend that you fill in the boxes as shown above and click Save Changes and Next buttons so that will perform the following page

setting aggregration

Fill in the boxes on this page as shown above, then click Save and Finish button. If you want to use Read - Article. You can apply a similar steps.

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