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Monday, July 2, 2012

Introduction to Integrate Blogger With Facebook

illustration of facebook login page
Lots of blogs are created every day, but many blogs are closed. Maybe one of them is your own blog. Why did this happen? Many factors cause the blog shut down by owner. However, the most important of the observations is the lack of improvisation with social networking. Learning from experience, Yahoo is a search engine's most widely used before, but now lost competitiveness yahoo, google dominates the search engines. This is because yahoo too late to integrate with social networking. Google saw the opportunity of success through social networking, because of it's google has made googleplus as social networking.

It is also common on a blog, many blogs are closed because the blog did not join the social networking. Although facebook has provided a social plugin for the website, but the plugin is still too general. Luckily, Facebook has a fairly complete developer. So that we can make a social plugin with own style. Unfortunately, not everyone can use it. Therefore, the authors will sharing knowledge with you how to integrate your blog with facebook.

We will explain as precisely as possible so that you can understand the social concept for your blog. Including how to use graph API and FQL facebook. All of this tutorial we explain that in order to be easily understood. By using the graph and FQL, you can create a social plugin more privacy. However, that does not mean social plugins that have been made ​​by facebook does not mean. Recommended Bar is one of the social plugins that are good enough to be used. By Combine original social plugin with graph API and plugin with FQL will make your blog more social than ever before.

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