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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Make Good Facebook Application

Before you can combine Facebook with your blog, you are required to have a facebook application. This application is very important for users to understand your blog through facebook. This time I will discuss how to make good Facebook applications.

application dashboard home

The first step is visit https://developer.facebook.com/apps dashboard application and click on the Create New App. Then enter the name of App Display Name, App Namespace, Contact Email, App Domain Name, Site Url, and Category. Function of the App Display Name is the name of your own Facebook application. This name will be displayed when user click the login button for the first time. If you are using custom actions and objects, then the App Namespace must to be filled. Whereas if you use the built-in Actions and Object, then you do not need to fill App Namespace. On the other hand, Facebook needs to know the address of your blog, then generally fill App Domain and Site Url with the url of your blog.

Next, click Auth Dialog which is located on the left of the dashboard application. This section aims to provide a brief and concise description of your own applications to the user at first login. So make it professionally. To that end, we suggest you make the first Term of Service and Privacy Policy of your blog. This step is a necessity. Do not forget to give the logo of your own Facebook application. Consider the following picture

auth dialog setting

Consider the picture above of threelas application dashboard, if you do not implement the authentic permission then you do not need to fill Explanation for Permissions. But if you apply the permissions authentic, then you are required to fill it. So that users understand what personal data is retrieved by your own application. On the other hand, if your application requires permission of the personal data of the user's friends, then Authenticated Referrals are required. While we leave it empty first, we'll discuss this further at the next topic.

The next step, click on Advance, so it would appear the picture below

Advance setting of application dashboard

App Types should be selected with Web, give a description of your application in the Description field. Then fill in the existing columns, depending on your needs.

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